Who can create a business account on OFFiGO?

OFFiGO is a location based marketplace for the use only of businesses in the area in which our service is available and can set up a profile and create adverts.

However, allowance for a business that is from outside the area that has an event they wish to promote that is within our locations can do so. See our pricing to add an advert on the business sign up page.

Contact us

All business users can message support directly through the live chat options when signed in. Outside of support hours a message can be left and a member of the team will email you back. If you have forgotten your password follow the forgot password option on the log in page and reset your details. If you still cannot access your account then please email Alternatively, if you haven't created an account and need help in doing so use this email address so we can guide you further. 

How do I sign up?

Creating an account on OFFiGO is for Businesses only, by going to the sign-up page there are details here which will help you further to what services we provide. Scroll to the bottom of the sign-up page and information is supplied on how to create a FREE business account and the different promotional options available. 

How to set up a business account?

For businesses only. Once you have registered, you will be directed to your business account page. Here you can access your different account options as per your free account and subscription package. Each icon you click on in the menu bar opens up that page for that section for you to add your details. We have created this page so it is simple to follow, however, in the right-hand side of the page there is a help document which provides a step by step guide to assist you further.

How do I create a business profile?

Click on the business tab in the header on your accounts page so you can add your business profile details. We have created this page so it is simple to follow, however in the right hand side of the page there is a help document which provides a step by step guide to assist you further.

How do I create a business advert?

There are options for you to create your own adverts or have us manage adverts on your behalf. The number of adverts that can be created will be determined by the package chosen. When you manage your adverts and one has expired it stays in your account for you to use again by adding a new date then publish.

A maximum of 1 adverts can be posted on a particular date, but you can place adverts on subsequent dates in advance to the maximum of your allowance. 

A date and a time needs to be added to all created adverts to show the consumer when the offer is available. For example a show or live sports event will be promoted for the time and the date ie 10-9-2017 at 3pm till 5 pm. A shop for example promoting a sale, would add the times and date the shop is open till whilst the offer is available. 

All adverts show in advance of the date the offer/event is avaiilable then expires when the advert times expire.

By adding a new date and time to the same advert after it is expired will show live again on OFFiGO in advance of the new date.

If your advert starts on a said date and finishes the next day ie nightclubs open Saturday 9pm till Sunday 3am. Then the end date of the promotion will need to be added as the next day at 3am.


How do i create a job post?

For business, subscribers only, just add your business contact details accordingly on the page. Once the content of the advert and the chosen categories are added then publish the post. All adverts expire in 14 days or sooner if the job is filled before this time. You can manage all adverts by clicking all jobs from the jobs listing menu. A support document is available in the jobs section for further assistance.

How do I add images?

All images that are added to your profile or adverts are done so by clicking ADD MEDIA. Simply upload a new image and follow the directions on the screen. In adverts and profiles, certain size requirements are prompted on the screen so your image is best shown on OFFiGO. Smaller images can be copied and pasted directly onto posts in the main description area.


Every business can automatically be rated and reviewed by consumers. Reviews are monitored and once moderation has been agreed will show live on the site. If a review is deemed unsuitable as being aggressive or includes swear or of a threatening nature won't go live but a copy will be emailed to the business concerned.

The review box icon in the business account and by email will notify businesses you of any new reviews added.

Note to reviewers, posts do not go live immediately they must be moderated first, which may take 1-2 working days. 

What is the difference between creating an advert and a profile?

When you create a profile it is where you add all the details of the business ie contact details, address, logo, description of the services, images and opening times. Also adding social media links, website address and other appropriate information which explains who you are.

An advert is your sales message, the quick message that may be an offer, service or event that attracts the consumer to buy from you. ie a pub may add "Live football tonight" with a description of the match etc, in an advert. Yet in the profile, it adds all the services etc about the pub. 


All payments through the OFFiGO website are securely processed by PayPal, businesses do not need a PayPal account to set up payments on OFFiGO. We follow all their guidelines to ensure payment details are kept safe. OFFIGO DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO ANY CARD DETAILS OR BANKING INFORMATION SHARED WITH THE PAYMENT PROVIDER. 

Payments are taken through the OFFiGO websites online system to order and pay for services which we provide. 

What are the terms and conditions?

In simple terms, we ask that every business that sets up an account is honest in all its communications that it shares on OFFiGO with consumers. Full details of our terms and conditions are available here


Nearly all the information that each business shares on OFFiGO are for the general public to view, for more information on our privacy policy click here

Deleting your account or making changes to your subscription?

If you are looking to change your subscription package or wish to delete your account with OFFiGO, please contact us and you will be guided by the support team. 

OFFiGO provides a paid monthly with no contract service, where you can change your requirements at any time. Services will continue to be available until the end of your current monthly payment cycle expiry date.  Your payments can also be cancelled by accessing your PayPal account and your subscription will expire accordingly.