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About Skelmersdale

Visit Skelmersdale and discover a range of shops, cafes, restaurants, and more in the area. The town, known locally as Skem, dates as far back as the Domesday Book, and in the early 19th century, the town's development coincided with the Industrial Revolution, and industrial-scale coal mining made the town an important colliery village.​

The town centre is home to a number of shops, with a mix of well-known brands, alongside the local independent businesses of the area. The main shopping centre, The Concourse, contains a wide selection of popular brand stores, as well as a number of cafes and restaurants, for shoppers to rest in and recharge their batteries.​

Skelmersdale United FC is the local football club in the area, which play their home matches at JMO Sports Park, which is only a short distance from the town centre. There are also a good number of pubs and bars in the area, where live sporting events are regularly shown, so there's plenty of choice for sports fans.​

The shopping centre contains an indoor market, which is open every day, selling a selection of products, from clothes to food, make-up to toys.​

The nearest cities to Skelmersdale are Liverpool and Preston, both of which have excellent train networks to get you elsewhere in the country. The town is also located close to Wigan, Ormskirk, and Bakerstaff, which can all be reached by the public transport which passes through Skelmersdale.​

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