OFFiGO brings the local high street together online so businesses can be discovered daily.

All businesses can create a free profile with the opportunity to share a daily “promotional” message to help keep customers returning. This message could be an exclusive offer for that day or the promotion of an upcoming event, a new announcement, new menus, new products or entertainment. This way, customers can view up to date information and see what is available every day in their local area.

Whether it is a specialist store or service people are looking for or simply deciding where to go for dinner or drinks they can find it locally on OFFiGO.

This allows consumers to become aware of businesses they have never heard of and try new places all local to them. All promotional messages and profiles are searchable on Google and can be shared on social media in one click.


  • Bringing local businesses together online
  • Sharing daily promotions with consumers to choose local businesses
  • Promoting local businesses daily, all year-round
  • To connect consumers with their local high street
  • Encouraging holidaymakers to visit more frequently
  • Helping all local businesses to be discovered digitally



Scroll down the page and find more information about OFFiGO


Click the “Sign Up Here” button to create your business account and digital profile.

  • OFFiGO is a new local marketplace created to promote businesses and the high street collectively, every day.
  • Over 165 thousand visitors viewed OFFiGO in the first 5 months, that figure is growing daily.
  • There are millions of people visiting Blackpool each year all looking to spend their money here, make sure they can find you.
  • Add your business and go live instantly too consumers waiting to discover what is available to them locally.
  • When a consumer visits from just one advert it  increases the chances of other neighbouring businesses being visited also.
  • Add your business profile for FREE today and join your business neighbours together online.
  • Local customers are looking for you daily online. Make sure you’re there for them to find!
  • All businesses and their promotional adverts are searchable on search engines like Google.
  • All businesses can share their promotional adverts on social media
  • The more businesses that join in the more reasons for the consumer to choose local and choose you..
  • You will be supported by our digital support team.
  • As more businesses join us it allows our team to grow and increase our local marketing strategy to connect you with more and more consumers.


  • OFFiGO has been created so it is easy for the business to add information.
  • Businesses can create a FREE profile, consumers visit the site without login.
  • Businesses can upgrade to create daily promotional adverts (Currently FREE).
  • Swap or edit promotional adverts instantly per day or per week whatever suits the business.
  • OFFiGO can also manage all your adverts each month.
  • All business can further increase their visibility online by creating adverts and promoting them daily on social media.
  • Consumers find OFFiGO on the internet or on their smartphone.
  • Consumers discover the latest adverts instantly and can view by date, location and category.
  • Consumers can download the app and save favourite adverts and share with their friends.

When a business is logged in the live chat bar becomes available

Call us: 0333 5771214 or email us at blackpool@offigo.co.uk

Arrange to meet us: 154-158 church street, Blackpool FY1 3PS

I have social media followers why do I need OFFiGO?

Social media is a great way to connect with consumers that’s why we have integrated OFFiGO with Facebook, Twitter and Linked in so your profile and each advert can be shared with your followers in one click.

If you have 1000 followers even Facebook admits possibly only 10% read your messages. With OFFiGO any consumer can view your promotional adverts and share it with their friends on social media. If these people are not currently following you then you have increased your potential following by attracting new customers. Remember ultimately you want customers visiting you and spending money not thousands of followers who don’t.


I have a shop and a website and only want consumers visiting us

Of course, businesses want to keep their customers coming to them as regular as possible. However, even online websites promote themselves on other websites and use other types of advertising media in which to grow its customer base. Our mission is to give as many daily reasons as possible to the consumer to choose local.


My competitors are local I don’t want to join them online

This argument has played out for years in for example in the pub trade where they directly competed with each other to get the customers returning. However, internet shopping and supermarket prices have become the biggest competitor to the high street not its local neighbour.


Can OFFiGO guarantee me, customers

We would love to say yes but be can’t, ultimately the consumer decides where they spend their hard-earned cash. Some of the biggest companies in the world have spent millions promoting a product that simply the consumer wasn’t interested in buying. With OFFiGO you can change what you promote at any time instantly and see for yourself what works and what doesn’t. One thing is for sure a business that promotes themselves to consumers stands a better chance of being seen than a business that doesn’t.


What if we don’t have any special promotions on at the moment

OFFiGO isn’t a deal site where we only promote sales and offers. Every business has something to offer, that’s why they open its doors every day. Use us to say why they should visit you today. Ie an image of a mouthwatering plate of food and a description of the produce will attract the consumer’s attention, consumers don’t just buy when something is on offer.


I don’t have much digital experience

We understand that each business has a varying degree of skills and there are some who haven’t as yet embraced the full benefits digital offers them. We provide support to all businesses who need extra help through online chat and even create their profile and adverts for them to get them up and running.


I have created a profile how do I create adverts

Creating adverts is viewable depending on your account status the free user needs to upgrade on their accounts page and the advert creation button will appear after payment.


How much does it cost

To create a profile is FREE and always will be. For the business to benefit from promoting on the marketplace it is currently FREE for a trial period it will then cost less than £1 a day which can be paid yearly or monthly depending on the needs of each business.

NEW exciting marketing channels created by OFFiGO

Consumers can find daily offers easily, save their favourites on their smartphone and share them on social media using any device.

New OFFiGO Website

Launched September

New OFFiGO Offers and Events App

Share all offers and events on social media

Daily promotions to consumers

  • The OFFiGO app can be downloaded for all consumers to access the latest promotions on the go.
  • Collectively, local businesses could send up 100s of promotional messages to consumers daily giving them thousands of reasons per week to visit.
  • OFFiGO will continue to build site traffic with its own weekly marketing campaign to drive traffic to OFFiGO and to direct them to the businesses promoting.
  • Bespoke adverts can be shared by each business and consumers alike to social media in one click.

Connecting Businesses with potentially

  • 18 million visitors
  • 10 thousand Fylde businesses
  • 300,000 Fylde residents

Managing marketing opportunities, locally

  • Painless, simple integration for each business onto OFFiGO
  • Individual businesses will have access to manage their own profile, create adverts and add jobs.
  • Support is provided online for businesses.
  • Option to have business account completely managed by OFFiGO where we create the profile and add daily adverts.
  • Accounts managed by OFFiGO have adverts created from information forwarded via email or duplicated from social media or website.


The Marketplace is where businesses add their promotions within their chosen sector. Consumers can find the latest deals by clicking on the “todays promotions” and choose per category or view all of the local opportunities promoted daily.

Consumers use their phones and laptops nearly every day for social media, socialising, shopping, and searching for things to do and places to visit. The number of consumers using digital to find information is rising every day, yet many businesses on the high street have been slow to follow. OFFiGO has been built to redress the balance locally and digitally, giving businesses the opportunity to be discovered and connect with consumers daily online


Creating a promotional advert is easy to do and even easier to share on social media.

Once a business account is created and promotional package chosen to suit the business, simply create an advert.


Share promotions on social media pages by clicking on the advert share icon.

Consumers can tweet and share any advert on their social media pages with one click, increasing the opportunity of each message being seen.

Every profile and promotional advert created on OFFiGO is searchable instantly on Google.



If every adult in the UK spent just £5 a week in local shops and businesses instead of online or with huge multinationals, it would be worth £16.8bn going back into the local economy. This means local jobs, better facilities, and nicer places to live – makes you think, doesn’t it?

So, let’s give the consumers plenty of reasons to choose businesses locally.

Each business shares a promotional message daily, in order to attract the consumer's attention.


The more businesses that promote, increase the number of reasons for consumers to shop daily and choose local businesses.

The increased number of consumers that respond to the offers being promoted can improve sales for local businesses.


The more each business promotes its offer, the higher the chance is they will be discovered by consumers and increase their chances of success.

The more businesses that promote, increase the opportunity of more consumers spending, helping create new jobs and growing the local economy.


The more businesses promoting will increase the chances of more consumers spending, which will help grow the local economy and create local jobs.



A business based locally can create a free account. Consumers visit the site for free, without having to sign in.

A FREE business account includes:

  • Add business category and details about your business
  • Add images to the picture gallery
  • Add business information, location and contact details
  • Include links to any website, apps, and social media pages
  • Allow customers to message you direct
  • Allow customers to write a review
  • Share your profile on social media
  • Appear on the map with directions on how to find you
  • Connect with other local businesses