Get involved and help bring your high street online

Offigo is bringing your high street together online to help people like you easily find what is available in your town. Discover new places that have opened and re-discover places you haven’t visited for a while and save money with local offers. The more people supporting their local high street will encourage new shops to open and create new jobs.

Provide us with local information

Help us grow your community online by sending us local information about businesses not currently on offigo, pubs that show live sports and good news stories happening locally on the high street. Tell your favourite businesses about us, it’s free for them to join in.

It takes just a couple of minutes to complete what information we need; we will do the rest.

Recommend local businesses

Get involved and help grow your local community online

Share your town home page link with your friends and family on social media and ask them to get involved. The more local people who join up will encourage more businesses to promote their offers which will ultimately benefit you with even more choice and access to more savings.

Recommend pubs showing sports

Why we are asking you to help your high street

Our high streets are the community hub for all towns and provide us with groceries, clothing, places to eat, socialise and have fun. You can play your part by thinking local first whenever you’re looking to buy something, as spending in local shops helps support and create jobs in your town. This is why we are bringing it together online, showing there are plenty of savings to be had locally.

Thank you. We appreciate your support in making that happen.

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