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Save even more money with the new Lidl plus APP

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Just when you thought you couldn’t save more on your shop, there’s Lidl Plus! Our new rewards app is here to make those big savings, even bigger with weekly coupons, scratchcards plus loads more. Get the APP today and get a £5 off when you spend £25 on your first shop. T&Cs apply.

Benefits include;

  • Bag bargains on your favourite products every time you shop, plus get 4 money off vouchers every Thursday.
  • Unlock money-off coupons when you reach your £200 spending target in a month
  • Try your luck with our scratchcard every time you shop for even more savings, with a chance to win £20 off your next shop.
  • Track your spend without collecting piles of paper with digital receipts
  • Plus much more.....

So download the new app today and start saving. Full terms and conditions can also be found on the website. 

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Save even more money with the new Lidl plus APP

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