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Celebrating 30 years - check out our latest offers!

Oct 22, 2020

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Celebrating 30 years - check out our latest offers!

Your new clothes are just a click or walk away. Here in your town or at our website you'll find all the new in styles and new trends – we've made it easy to find your new look. All the new clothes in our collection provide you with a complete overview of new trends and styles. Pick from your favourite pieces or get inspired to try out a new look. Every season calls for new style clothes and this is your gateway to a crisp look matching the season. From t-shirts to shirts and jackets, this is your one-stop to a fresh new look. Enjoy your shopping.

In 1990 we set out to take on the world. We were just a few guys with our first jeans collection and a passion for denim that couldn't be denied. Many years later, we're still just one of the guys and it's still all about jeans, but we've added a few more people to our team along the way. And yes, we know it takes more than a pair of good jeans to cover a guy's wardrobe needs. So, we cover the full range from urban sportswear, casual classics, neat suits, accessories and footwear. Basically, we've got it covered for every occasion you might end up in.

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Celebrating 30 years - check out our latest offers!

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