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Blackpool Illuminations switch-on times = October

Oct 29, 2020

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Blackpool's world-famous Illuminations need little introduction. There are six miles of traditional festoons and tableaux along the Promenade, illuminated tram tours every evening and the return of the popular Lightpool Festival during October half-term - no wonder it’s commonly known as the greatest free light show on Earth!  

This year's Festival of Light compliments the traditional Illuminations with a contemporary look at the concept of light and art working together to create entertainment. You can even get involved with some of the interactive installations designed to amuse and provoke thought. This year, for the first time ever, Blackpool’s annual Illuminations display is to be extended by TWO months to provide an invaluable boost to the resort’s tourism season. The world-famous Blackpool Illuminations have been one of the UK’s most enduring visitor attractions for more than a century. And the seafront show remains as compelling as ever thanks to new investment and innovation each year. 2020 welcomes the arrival of some spectacular new features and a continuation of the stunning 3D projection shows on to the front of the Blackpool Tower building as part of the annual Lightpool Festival. 

Some of the new features for 2020

  • Coral Island Pirate Tableau
  • Spitfire Display, in collaboration with Hangar 42
  • Lancashire Federation of Women’s Institute
  • NHS and Key Workers Tribute

The adjoining ‘Corona Heroes’ section will feature the faces of 50 key workers who have been nominated for inclusion in this year’s Illuminations display,  and selected by Illuminations Curator, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen:

Click here for more information about the lights and the history behind it. Below are this months switch on and off times.

30th October Friday 17:00 00:00
31st October Saturday  17:00 00:00
1st November Sunday 17:00 23:00
2nd November Monday 17:00 22:30
3rd November Tuesday 17:00 22:30
4th November Wednesday 17:00 22:30
5th November Thursday 17:00 22:30
6th November Friday 17:00 00:00
7th November Saturday 17:00 00:00
8th November Sunday 17:00 22:30
9th November Monday  17:00 22:30
10th November Tuesday 17:00 22:30
11th November Wednesday 17:00 22:30
12th November Thursday 17:00 22:30
13th November Friday 17:00 23:00
14th November Saturday 17:00 23:00
15th November Sunday 17:00 22:30
16th November Monday 17:00 22:30
17th November Tuesday 17:00 22:30
18th November Wednesday 17:00 22:30
19th November Thursday 17:00 22:30
20th November Friday 17:00 23:00
21st November Saturday 17:00 23:00
22nd November Sunday 17:00 22:30
23rd November Monday 17:00 22:30
24th November Tuesday 17:00 22:30
25th November Wednesday 17:00 22:30
26th November Thursday 17:00 22:30
27th November Friday 17:00 23:00
28th November Saturday 17:00 23:00
29th November Sunday 17:00 22:30
30th November Monday 17:00 22:30
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Blackpool Illuminations switch-on times = October

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