Army 1157 Kit

Welcome to Army 1157 Kit in Blackpool, suppliers of clothing and merchandise approved by the MOD. From hoodies, t-shirts and gift sets to funny t-shirts and Warhammer miniatures, there is plenty of choices available at our shop and online.

If you are an Army veteran or looking to wear clothing with a choice of regimental badges, then come and visit us. There is clothing, mugs and coaster merchandise all decorated with the different badges. Come and find merchandise from the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers to the Royal Corps and Women’s Royal Naval service.

We sell all types of military kit including boots and Rucksacks Plus, some big brand names including Under Armour, Nike and Airsoft. If you were in the forces, you will also enjoy our fun grumpy old men range.

Owned by an Army veteran, so come and say hello.


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For MOD Emergency Kit call 07507118282 and we come out
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