Two out of three Brits shopped local in the past year

Two out of three Brits shopped local in the past year

New data has shown that almost two thirds of Brits have been shopping locally in the 12 months, and this growing trend is set to outlive the Covid-19 pandemic. The news comes as Barclaycard Payments, along with futurist Tom Cheesewright, published new research based on data from hundreds of millions of transactions to reveal the top 10 shifts in consumer behaviour which have emerged as a result of the pandemic.

One positive outlined in the research is the support people have shown for local and independent retailers, with almost two thirds (64 per cent) of Brits choosing to shop closer to home.

Barclaycard Payments data shows shoppers spent an extra 63.3 per cent last month at food and drink specialist retailers, such as butchers, bakeries and greengrocers, compared with the same month last year.
Shopping locally is set to be a lockdown legacy, with nine in 10 (91 per cent) Brits who have been shopping locally throughout the pandemic saying they will keep doing this to support smaller and independent retailers even after all restrictions end.
The research also revealed that because of lockdowns, consumers have been receiving an average of two extra deliveries per month since the start of the pandemic – averaging seven parcels now compared to five before March 2020.
This equates to over 86 packages in total over the course of a year.
Barclaycard Payments said this growth in deliveries was here to stay, with over half of people expecting to receive either the same amount (47 per ...

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