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The high street must embrace digital in 2020 to bring consumers back

Picture the scene, someone in the office says they went out for something to eat, drink or been shopping and recommends the place they went. If it is of interest, what is the thing we do when hearing this? we check the place out online because you may be interested in going there too. Isn't it frustrating that when we search there is no information about the business to find as they have no online presence? This situation is playing out across our high streets all across the country and businesses are missing out on many customers due to this. It is also a reason why consumers shop online as they can find information from online-only retailers and brands easily.

Look out of your window today and see how many people are walking past and if they are looking at their phone. This is where your business needs to appear so they can see you online and attract their attention.

Businesses need to be discovered digitally

We have fantastic bars, cafes, restaurants, shops and places to visit in this country and their potential is not being realised. No longer in the modern day can a business simply open its doors and hope that people walk past and come in.

Years ago smaller businesses didn't think that not having the facility to take card payments would affect them, but the consumer demanded it and if they had no cash they would shop in places that did. Now the situation is happening with digital where consumers are voting with their feet and their wallets of where to spend and if businesses cannot be found online they choose others that are.

Consumers are choosing where to spend their money or visit well before they leave the house based on information they can find online. People will pay to park if they know what they are travelling for, rents and rates are a strain on every business and the only way to combat this is bringing in more sales.

Local people will choose to shop local if they can find it online, they don't want to just walk around on the chance they find something they like, they need a prompt and digital is the solution to this. Many local shops offer delivery, card payments and prices that compete with online, but the message is just not getting through otherwise they would come.

If every business had a digital presence where local people could easily view it online it could have a massive effect on how consumers shop, as they would easily be able to find local choices. Imagine every local shop promoting an offer that is in their window and sharing it collectively together online, giving potentially 100s of reasons would be given for customers to visit.

Let 2020 be the year that local businesses realise the power of digital and embrace it and start to reap the rewards. With the help of offigo we can help make that happen.

The high street must embrace digital in 2020 to bring consumers back
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