Rallying Call To All High Street Businesses "Come Together Digitally And Your Customers Will Return"

Rallying Call To All High Street Businesses "Come Together Digitally And Your Customers Will Return"

Rallying Call To All High Street Businesses "Come Together Digitally And Your Customers Will Return"

OFFiGO aims to help customers find what is available to them locally by providing the platform for all high street businesses to be together online, in a bid to increase spend and footfall in our local towns.

Following a successful pilot in the seaside town of Blackpool in which over 100,000 people viewed 1.4 million pages of local high street offers and events, the full version OFFiGO 2.0 is ready to go live.

“The customer is online every day and the high street as a collective is nowhere to be seen, leaving them having to hunt for information rather than easily accessing it” says OFFiGO CEO Dave Preston. “By bringing the high street together digitally through OFFiGO, businesses such as shops, bars and restaurants can promote their offers and events locally all in one place in a bid to increase visibility, footfall and local sales”.

Local people will also get the chance of becoming a high street hero when they create profile pages for their favourite local businesses. The hero can get up to £10 for purchases or a gift from businesses while OFFiGO will give such businesses free advertising worth £25. They can also save their favourite offers and plan where to visit in town, write reviews and share to social media.

Just eat, Booking .com and Right move have proved really popular with customers as they can find what they are looking for in one place online when it comes to takeaways, hotels and property. Imagine the power of the high street with brands and independents collectively promoting offers and events together through OFFiGO for the benefit of the customer near their stores.

Consumer confidence will return if provided with easy access to information about local businesses they might of never heard of, as well as reconnecting with a business they haven't visited for a while.

500,000 shops are estimated to be in the UK with 50,000 currently closed including big names such as toys r us and maplins, yet the 10% of what isn’t available is what people are talking about. We need businesses to start the conversation and give people something exciting and positive to talk about, OFFiGO lets them come together to shout it out loud “We are open, this is what we are offering today”.

OFFiGO has made it easy for businesses to have an online presence with the opportunity to share a daily “promotional” message for example an exclusive offer for that day or the promotion of an upcoming event, new menus, new products or entertainment. This way, customers can see what is available every day in their local area, they can even find which pubs are showing live football locally. Cate McNeil used OFFiGO to promote their Xmas markets says “OFFiGO brought us far more visitors than the other local and national websites and directories.  My event was a huge success with over 700 adults and over 300 children through the doors, I would definitely recommend businesses to sign up.

Businesses can refer a business neighbour to join in also and both get extra free advertising, collectively they promote double the reasons to visit their high street and increase the footfall.

By bringing the marketing strength of all the brands together online per location, combined with the uniqueness of the independents on each high street it would collectively create a powerful alliance. Customers will be able to find information in one place with the option of them also visiting the shops website and ordering online if they haven’t the time to go into the store.

Your local community is something you cannot buy online, and your high street is a big part of it being a successful one.


To get involved with bringing your high street together online visit www.offigo.co.uk


Remember your high street plays a huge part in the success of your local community. We at OFFiGO want to help support local businesses by connecting you to what is available on your high street.  Sign up today to receive exclusive weekly offers and events for your area.

Rallying Call To All High Street Businesses "Come Together Digitally And Your Customers Will Return"


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