Pubs and footy fans will have to pay more as Amazon win the rights to show premiership football

Pubs and footy fans will have to pay more as Amazon win the rights to show premiership football

Pubs across the land could be forced to pay hundreds of pounds extra, to show football from 2019, as online streaming giant Amazon prime has bought the rights to show Premiership football.

The cost to the armchair fan maybe an extra £7.99 per month, however, if the same pricing structure as BT and SKY is implemented, it could cost pubs hundreds of pounds more.

Starting in December 2019, Amazon will show every game from the first round of midweek fixtures in December and all 10 matches on Boxing Day as part of the three-year deal.

The matches will be available free to Amazon Prime's UK members.

So that means in the 2019/20 season BT will show 52 premiership matches, while a further 128 will be shown by Sky Sports, including prime-time Saturday night fixtures.

The new deals mark the first time a full round of matches will be shown live in the UK.

How can I watch these games on Amazon?

You will need a Prime membership, which costs £79 a year or £7.99 a month.

In addition, to live action, there will also be weekly highlights of all Premier League games throughout the season, although it has not been announced when that will be broadcast.

Prime can be streamed on any Smart TV, mobile device or through an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Amazon, which started as an online retailer, already broadcasts the US Open tennis, ATP World Tour Tennis events and NFL games.

The breakdown

The Premier League offered 200 live matches a season to broadcasters, an increase from the 168 available in 2015.

Other changes for the 2019-2022 deal include eight individual games being shown live in a 'prime-time' Saturday night slot, three complete rounds of 10 midweek matches all shown live, and one set of bank holiday games - now known to be Boxing Day.

The broadcasters bid on seven packages of fixtures and in February, Sky Sports paid £3.58bn for four of those, while BT Sport spent £885m on another.

BT initially said it had paid £90m for its final package, which will involve a round of matches around the mooted winter break in later January or early February.

That would take their total spend to £975m over three seasons, although that information was later removed from its website.

That being so, the total value of the rights is taken to £4.55bn, with Amazon reportedly paying 90 million over the 3 years.

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Pubs and footy fans will have to pay more as Amazon win the rights to show premiership football


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