One Stop partner grows sales by adding food-to-go and vending options

One Stop partner grows sales by adding food-to-go and vending options

Vinayagmoorthy’s latest store in Chiltern Avenue, Bedford, features Costa Coffee, Tango Ice Blast, Rollover Hotdogs, Fwip Ice cream, and F’Real Milkshakes. He said: “We get people travelling a long way to come and see us and the children really seem to love the F’Real Milkshakes. It’s a treat for them and that brings their parents into the store and they naturally go onto purchase more, especially with the strong promotions we have to offer.”

One-Stop has trialled a number of food and drink partners in company stores before rolling out to franchise stores, allowing them to collect the data and reduce risk for franchisees.
Tim Josephs, head of business development, said: “The franchisees also offer their findings about some of the great innovations they’ve found, so they can provide learnings to us and we share with them. By working collaboratively, we keep ahead of the competition and source current and new trends that are creating high levels of demand.”
John Miller, head of franchise, added: “It’s key that in the market we don’t sit still but are constantly looking for ways to appeal to the customer and provide them with what they want. These latest innovations can really help drive margin into stores and attract new customers.
“Rathee has seen the huge benefits of an increase in-store offerings, which drives footfall and profit but also serves the needs of the community. This is now more important than ever and being able to adapt is key.”
Vinayagmoorthy plans to add more stores in the future. “For me I will be adding another two stores and will continue to work with One Stop to keep finding the perfect components ...

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