Morrisons brings back refillable containers at fresh fish & meat counters

Morrisons brings back refillable containers at fresh fish & meat counters

Morrisons has reintroduced its refillable container service at its fresh fish and meat counters to reduce the amount of single use plastic packaging used in stores. Morrisons butchers, fishmongers and deli experts will now ask a customer if they have brought their own container to be refilled, rather than automatically putting products into single-use packaging.

The initiative is available in all Morrisons stores and allows customers to bring their own containers to counters, with each purchase being given a sticky label that is then scanned at the tills.

Morrisons originally introduced the refillable container scheme in 2018 but it has been put on hold during the pandemic.
The reintroduction comes shortly after the Big 4 grocer announced it on social media last month – and was met with a mixed response.
Although some customers commented by welcoming the idea thanks to the grocer’s initiative to reduce waste, many labelled it as “unhygienic” particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Morrisons said that if every customer at its stores used a refillable container for their counter purchase, it would save 2000 tonnes of plastic a year.
Elsewhere, the retailer has also been working to remove 900 tonnes of plastic from its butchers and fishmongers counter packaging a year by introducing new lighter weight recyclable trays.
“Reducing plastic in our stores is an important part of our sustainability agenda and it really matters to our customers too,” Morrisons packaging manager Natasha Cook said.
“The service was very popular with our ...

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