McJobs aplenty: McDonald’s looks to fill 20,000 vacancies

McJobs aplenty: McDonald’s looks to fill 20,000 vacancies

The burger giant is not immune to the recruitment challenges facing the wider hospitality sector, however, with CEO Paul Pomroy telling the Sunday Telegraph that it was ‘getting harder and harder to recruit’ McDonald’s ‘crew members’. McDonald’s already has around 1,400 restaurants across the UK and Ireland and employs over 130,000 staff. “It’s fantastic to be able to offer an additional 20,000 people an opportunity to work with us,” Pomroy said in a separate statement. “There is no doubt the pandemic has had a huge impact on many people’s employment opportunities and threatened the future of High Streets up and down the country.”

McDonald’s says its huge number of posts is not a result of it shedding staff in the early days on the pandemic. Instead, the vaccines have been driven by both the new restaurant openings and more staff being required in existing sites as Government restrictions loosen. 
Pomroy told the Sunday Telegraph that despite the many challenges faced by the high street he believed it would continue “to be part of the fabric of the UK”. 
In addition to opening more outlets, McDonald’s said it was introducing new menu options, including a Grab & Go set breakfast option.
The statement also teased new menu options, including a set breakfast, and that it was looking to trial more flexible restaurant layouts to adapt to the different ways customers use its restaurants at different times of the day. 

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