Lidl pledges to increase sales of healthier food

Lidl pledges to increase sales of healthier food

Lidl pledges to increase sales of healthy and healthier products to at least 85% of total sales by 2025. Discounter invests in Get Fresh initiative to add 100 new fresh food products to stores. Lidl sets additional target to increase the sale of fresh fruit and veg by 35% by 2026. Lidl has announced a new health pledge that will see it increase sales of healthy and healthier products to at least 85 per cent of total sales over the next four years. The British arm of the German discount grocer said its new Healthy Eating Pledge would be based on tonnage volume, and that the target will be achieved by 2025. Lidl said its specialist nutrition teams have developed a bespoke nutrient profiling system (NPS) based on Public Health England’s nutrient criteria for front-of-pack traffic light labelling, focusing on fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt.



The retailer said the NPS would then allow it to rank all products as healthy, healthier or least healthy.
As part of the commitment, Lidl’s teams will assess over 200 lines each year that can be improved to meet the healthy or healthier criteria.
Lidl said it would also engage with suppliers to ensure it boosts its portfolio of healthier products.
The move comes after the discounter invested in its Get Fresh initiative, which aims to increase the range of fresh healthy products, like fresh meat, fruit and vegetables available to customers in-store to offer even more healthy choices.
Lidl added that its stores continue to be upgraded with larger, energy-efficient chillers which can stock more than 100 new and exciting products on shelves.
It said it would prioritise placing fresh, healthy products at the heart of customer’s store journey, with new products located prominently at the front of store.
The programme is set ...

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