How to promote your high street with a local campaign!

How to promote your high street with a local campaign!

Off i go is a digital discovery platform, exclusively promoting the high street. Our mission is to help people rediscover what their high street offers. High street businesses will have the opportunity to collectively share promotional information daily as a community. Increasing awareness to boost footfall and spend locally, by bringing together local places to eat, drink, shop, and have fun, Offigo will help people rediscover the fabulous choices available to them daily on their high street. Businesses can create a FREE business page, add offers, design posters, make promotional videos, and much more. There are various tools, tips, and guides on how to promote businesses available. Even if you're some businesses are not digitally savvy, we are here to help with assistance provided via live messaging. 

Join the high street campaign that promotes your business!

People search online every day, and we are making it easy for them to find businesses and their high street when they do. We are inviting every business on the high street to join you on this journey. Creating an ongoing campaign to promote and grow local businesses, and help your town and high street community prosper. People will support local businesses and visit their high street more often if they are encouraged to do so. This awareness campaign will let them discover potentially 100's of daily reasons to visit, and find what is new, and rediscover places they had forgotten about. As more businesses join up to Offigo, it increases the reasons for more customers to join up also.  So, if you are a business on the high street, join your local high street campaign and shout it out digitally, “we are open for business, come and visit us today”

How you can get involved! 
Launch Offigo in your area sooner, by sharing this post with your favourite local businesses on social media. (They can sign up for free). Once 50 high street businesses in your area sign up, we launch, it’s that simple. Businesses are supported with all the tools required to start their local campaign. 

Sign up to support the launch in your area here. Businesses can sign up here  You can also see how other towns are benefitting from being online by visiting a live town here.

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How to promote your high street with a local campaign!


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