Had a parking ticket? Read about the new changes in the law

Had a parking ticket? Read about the new changes in the law

New rules have been put into place from the 6th of January 2020 by the British Parking Association, which will affect parking charges when parking on private land

The new rules will mean a reduction in 'dodgy' parking fines being given out, where drivers may have been fined for small mistakes, but been charged hefty fines. With technology being used more when paying for parking on private land, entering your registration number into an app or pay-and-display machine is becoming more and more common, and it is very easy to make a mistake.

Under the new rules, simple errors, like replacing a 0 with an o or getting a couple of letters or numbers in the wrong order, will not be punishable offences, and any fines given because of these errors will be immediately overturned. Furthermore, any major errors, like entering the wrong registration number completely or only typing in half of the number, would result in a much lighter charge than currently, if it results in a charge at all.

Self-ticketing will now also be more closely monitored, with the customer having to sign an agreement to keep to the Code, and not their own rules. Self-ticketing is where someone not directly employed by the parking operator (for example, a representative of the land owner) issues a fine or ticket.

Additionally, the new rules also state that a 'Consideration Period' of at least 5 minutes must be given to drivers when entering a car park. This means that during this 'Consideration Period', the driver can change their mind about parking there and leave without being fined. Using a car park to turn around in, dropping someone off and being unable to find a space and leaving, are also no longer able to be fined during this 'Consideration Period'.

Similarly, a 'Grace Period' of at least 10 minutes must be given at the end of a parking period, meaning that if the driver is a couple of minutes late returning to their vehicle, or they struggle to leave the car park due to traffic or other problems, then they also cannot be fined.

Overall, these new rules should massively reduce the amount of unfair fines given, which in turn will stop discouraging people to park in private parking and visiting town centres, shopping areas, and more.

To find the full list of new rules and amendments, visit the British Parking Association website

Had a parking ticket? Read about the new changes in the law


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