Future-proofing your pub as restrictions begin to lift

Future-proofing your pub as restrictions begin to lift

Despite impressive pivoting and innovating to keep these businesses afloat – whether by selling meal and cocktail delivery kits or adapting car parks and outdoor spaces – welcoming back customers safely inside has been the most important step for survival. The post-pandemic pub experience is markedly different to what we’ve historically been used to, with businesses having to dramatically change the way they operate.  
While some of these measures negatively impact profit potential and overheads – such as social distancing measures and one-way systems – other measures may prove so convenient that they will become permanent fixtures. 

For example, digital menu viewing and table ordering via a QR code; not only helping to guarantee higher standards of customer and staff safety by reducing the opportunity of infectious disease transmission, but also removing barriers of traditional print menus. 
By digitalising these to be accessed on customer phones, management can alter prices, trial promotions and even test new menu items with minimum costs, while also reducing touch points. 
Boost footfall and profits
From a consumer point of view, research recently conducted by Flipdish has shown that this innovation is preferred by customers; indeed, as many as 80% of customers hope that online ordering will remain even after the pandemic has been and gone, with well over half (62%) saying they are more likely to visit a pub in future if they can order digitally. 
These stats show that ultimately this will increase footfall in the future and help drive higher profits.  
From a business point of view, digital table ordering reduces customer wait times, which in turn increases table turnover and higher customer numbers for several reasons.  
Flipdish research has also found that British punters want online ordering to stay to avoid ...

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