Find every Blackpool business signed up to the eat out scheme

Find every Blackpool business signed up to the eat out scheme

Rishi Sunak announced last month that a new scheme called 'eat out to help out' will give diners a 50% discount at participating restaurants in August, to help restart the economy after the Coronavirus pandemic. The offer will be available for customers who eat out between Monday and Wednesday, but only at restaurants, cafes and pubs who are eligible for the scheme, with Mr. Sunak stating that the aim was to get "customers back into restaurants, cafes and pubs" whilst protecting "the 1.8 million people who work in them".

Use the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme at participating restaurants:

  • to get 50% off your food and non-alcoholic drinks up to a total value of £10 per person if you eat or drink in
  • every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 3 August and 31 August
  • as many times as you like

You don’t need a voucher to use the scheme and you can use it at the same time as other offers and discounts. There is no minimum spend. Alcoholic drinks and service charges are excluded from the offer.

Today the restaurants included in the scheme have been announced and we have added all 88 places for Blackpool below, for all other towns click here 


  1. Raikes Hall

    0.06 miles away

    Raikes Hall, Liverpool Road, Lancashire, FY1 4HE

  2. Dinners Ready

    0.12 miles away

    31 Whitegate Drive, Lancashire, FY3 9AA

  3. Michaels Indian Restaurant

    0.30 miles away

    87 Whitegate Drive, Lancashire, FY3 9BZ

  4. The Brew Room

    0.34 miles away

    139-141, Church Street, Lancashire, FY1 3NX

  5. Sprinkles

    0.39 miles away

    Unit 1b, Bickerstaffe Square, 1 Talbot Road, Lancashire, FY1 3AH


    0.40 miles away

    60 Topping Street, Lancashire, FY1 3AQ

  7. The Rite Bite

    0.41 miles away

    23 East Topping Street, Lancashire, FY1 3AS

  8. Number Five

    0.42 miles away

    5 Cedar Square, Lancashire, FY1 1BP

  9. Stefanis Pizzeria

    0.42 miles away

    3 Cedar Square, Lancashire, FY1 1BP

  10. Ziggy's Cafe Bar

    0.42 miles away

    10a, Cedar Square, Lancashire, FY1 1BP

  11. Yorkshire Fisheries

    0.42 miles away

    Yorkshire Fisheries, 14-16 Topping Street, Lancashire, FY1 3AQ

  12. Hungarian's Restaurant

    0.43 miles away

    57 Topping Street, Lancashire, FY1 3AF

  13. Retro Bistro

    0.43 miles away

    55 Topping Street, Lancashire, FY1 3AF

  14. Quilligans cafe bar ltd

    0.44 miles away

    89-93, Church Street, Lancashire, FY1 1HU

  15. The Chinese Buffet

    0.45 miles away

    61-63 Church Street, FY1 1HU

  16. hazelwood hotel

    0.45 miles away

    Hazelwood Guest House, 63-65 Palatine Road, Lancashire, FY1 4BX

  17. Blackpool Cricket Club

    0.46 miles away

    Prestige Catering,Blackpool Cricket, West Park Drive, Lancashire, FY3 9EQ

  18. Deansgate kitchen

    0.48 miles away

    26-28, Deansgate, Lancashire, FY1 1BN

  19. Taylor’s cafe

    0.49 miles away

    Taylors Cafe, 64 Central Drive, Lancashire, FY1 5QB

  20. Flying Handbag

    0.49 miles away

    44 Queen Street, Lancashire, FY1 2AY

  21. The happy cafee

    0.49 miles away

    8 Deansgate, Lancashire, FY1 1BN

  22. West Coast Rock Cafe

    0.49 miles away

    5-7 Abingdon Street, Lancashire, FY1 1DG

  23. West Coast Choc Cafe

    0.50 miles away

    33 Birley Street, Lancashire, FY1 1EG

  24. dales diner

    0.51 miles away

    82 Coronation Street, Lancashire, FY1 4QE

  25. Ocean Palace

    0.52 miles away

    45 Talbot Road, Lancashire, FY1 1LL

  26. Compass Cafe Bar

    0.53 miles away

    24 Birley Street, Lancashire, FY1 1DU

  27. HIVE Coffee Shop

    0.53 miles away

    80-82 Church Street, Lancashire, FY1 1HP

  28. Michael Wan's Mandarin

    0.53 miles away

    27 Clifton Street, Lancashire, FY1 1JD

  29. The Cafe

    0.54 miles away

    64 Church Street, Lancashire, FY1 1HP

  30. Lucky House

    0.54 miles away

    111 Coronation Street, Lancashire, FY1 4QQ

  31. jks cafe and grill

    0.54 miles away

    14 Birley Street, Lancashire, FY1 1DU

  32. The Coffee Pot

    0.55 miles away

    12 Birley Street, Lancashire, FY1 1DU


    0.55 miles away

    17 Clifton Street, Lancashire, FY1 1JD

  34. The Rose and Crown

    0.57 miles away

    22 Corporation Street, Lancashire, FY1 1EJ

  35. The Bank Bar & Grill

    0.57 miles away

    28 Corporation Street, Lancashire, FY1 1EJ

  36. Calypso hotel

    0.58 miles away

    Calypso hotel, 39-43 Albert road, FY1 4TA

  37. Blackpool Resort Coffee Lounge

    0.58 miles away

    Reads Traders, 1A Reads Avenue, Lancashire, FY1 4BW

  38. Starbucks Blackpool

    0.60 miles away

    19-23 Victoria Street, FY1 4HU

  39. McDonald's Restaurants Ltd

    0.61 miles away

    84 Bank Hey Street, Lancashire, FY1 4PX

  40. Duke Of York

    0.61 miles away

    60 Dickson Road, Lancashire, FY1 2AW

  41. Palma Cafe

    0.62 miles away

    16-20, Central Drive, Lancashire, FY1 5PY

  42. Michael Wan's wok inn

    0.63 miles away

    118 Promenade, Lancashire, FY1 1RA

  43. Lexham Hotel Ltd

    0.64 miles away

    Lexham Hotel, 12-14 Banks Street, Lancashire, FY1 1RN

  44. North Gardens

    0.65 miles away

    Unit 4 , North pier, England, FY1 1NE

  45. Viva Vegas Diner and Bar

    0.65 miles away

    60-64 Promenade, Lancashire, FY1 4QU

  46. Coral Island

    0.67 miles away

    Promenade, Lancashire, FY1 5DW

  47. Promenade Cafe

    0.68 miles away

    7 Cocker Square, Lancashire, FY1 1RX

  48. beach house bar & bistro

    0.68 miles away

    Beach House Bistro Bar,Festival Hou, Promenade, Lancashire, FY1 1AP

  49. Tiffany's Hotel

    0.73 miles away

    250-262, Promenade, Lancashire, FY1 1SA

  50. McDonald's Restaurants Ltd

    0.74 miles away

    Rigby Road, Lancashire, FY1 5EP

  51. The Galleon Cafe

    0.76 miles away

    15 Chapel Street, Lancashire, FY1 5AW

  52. Waverley Cafe

    0.78 miles away

    Waverley Cafe, 3, Chapel St., Lancs., FY1 5AE

  53. Best Western Carlton Hotel

    0.79 miles away

    Carlton Hotel, 286 Promenade, Lancashire, FY1 2EZ

  54. Walkers fish and chips

    0.86 miles away

    8 Bairstow Street, Lancashire, FY1 5BN

  55. The Hungry Elephant

    0.88 miles away

    234 Whitegate Drive, Lancashire, FY3 9JW

  56. C fresh

    0.88 miles away

    72 Foxhall Road, Lancashire, FY1 5BL

  57. No 10 Ale House Blackpool & Thai Kitchen

    0.92 miles away

    258 Whitegate Drive, Lancashire, FY3 9JW

  58. The derby hotel

    0.93 miles away

    2 Derby Road, Lancashire, FY1 2JF

  59. Health Lounge

    0.99 miles away

    129-131, Bloomfield Road, Lancashire, FY1 6JN

  60. coffee shop

    1.04 miles away

    31 Lytham Road, Lancashire, FY1 6DU


    1.05 miles away

    303 Dickson Road, Lancashire, FY1 2JL

  62. Coffee and Cake

    1.07 miles away

    7a, Nelson Road, Lancashire, FY1 6AS

  63. gainsborough hotel and restaurent

    1.14 miles away

    Gainsborough Hotel, 291-295 Promenade, Lancashire, FY1 6AL

  64. gynn public house and restaurant

    1.14 miles away

    Gynn Public House, 341 Dickson Road, Lancashire, FY1 2JL

  65. Blackpool Zoo

    1.18 miles away

    East Park Drive, Lancashire, FY3 8PP

  66. The Gurkha

    1.33 miles away

    The Gurkha, 148-154 Waterloo Road, Lancashire, FY4 2AF


    1.37 miles away

    302-306, Lytham Road, Lancashire, FY1 6EY

  68. Jenny's Round Table

    1.39 miles away

    249-255, Lytham Road, Lancashire, FY1 6ET

  69. Lyttles hidden gem

    1.40 miles away

    Oxygym 130 Mowbray drive , Lancashire, Fy3 7un


    1.44 miles away

    50 Waterloo Road, Lancashire, FY4 1AB

  71. Traditional fish & chips

    1.47 miles away

    427 Promenade, Lancashire, FY1 6BQ

  72. McDonald's Restaurants Ltd

    1.53 miles away

    449-451, Promenade, Lancashire, FY4 1AR

  73. The potter inn

    1.54 miles away

    27 Bond Street, Lancashire, FY4 1BQ

  74. Harmans On Site Services Ltd

    1.56 miles away

    Quality House, Vicarage Lane, Lancashire, FY4 4NQ


    1.57 miles away

    106 Normoss Road, Lancashire, FY3 8QP

  76. bond street bistro

    1.60 miles away

    80 Bond Street, Lancashire, FY4 1BW

  77. Jade Delight Restaurant

    1.60 miles away

    69 Bond Street, Lancashire, FY4 1BW


    1.61 miles away

    84 Bond Street, Lancashire, FY4 1BW

  79. Sprinkles desserts

    1.63 miles away

    Morrisons Local, Cornelian Way, Lancashire, FY4 4NZ

  80. McDonald's Restaurants Ltd

    1.67 miles away

    3 Cherry Tree Road North, Lancashire, FY4 4NY

  81. the canberra hotel

    1.69 miles away

    46 Withnell Road, Lancashire, FY4 1HE

  82. The Mornington Hotel

    1.69 miles away

    The Mornington Hotel, 16 Station Road, Lancashire, FY4 1BE

  83. The 4 seasons eatery

    1.71 miles away

    103 Staining Road, Lancashire, FY3 0AY

  84. Blackpool Operating Company Ltd

    1.81 miles away

    Sandcastle Waterpark, South Promenade, Lancashire, FY4 1BB

  85. Boulevard Hotel

    1.90 miles away

    Ocean Boulevard Promenade, Lancashire, FY4 1EZ

  86. Big Blue Hotel

    1.90 miles away

    Ocean Boulevard Promenade, Lancashire, FY4 1EZ

  87. Ascent Trampoline Park Ltd

    1.93 miles away

    Unit A, Prestige House, Cornford Road, Lancashire, FY4 4QQ

  88. World Healing Centre

    2.00 miles away

    476 Lytham Road, Lancashire, FY4 1JF

Find every Blackpool business signed up to the eat out scheme


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