Back in business: why it is time to refresh security training

Back in business: why it is time to refresh security training

Providing security in a shopping centre environment is already a tough job even before you add pandemic risk mitigation into the mix. With non-essential shops due to open soon, Incentive FM is ramping up its Business Resumption Programme’ which acknowledges the increased role that the security teams will need to play in keeping members of the public and retail staff both safe and compliant.

“A number of our security staff have been on furlough for much of the past year and so it is vital that we refresh their training and provide up to date guidance to ensure that they feel both safe and able to work,” tells Andrew Robbins, associate director of security at Incentive FM
Some staff, of course, have not been furloughed but have been working at centres which have been partially open throughout the pandemic for essential shops and take away food outlets. “We believe that they will provide additional support for their colleagues and share their experiences and learnings,” says Robbins.
Mental health and wellbeing considerations are at the forefront of Incentive’s approach to combat the increased number of strains being put on its teams in recent months. Robbins says that communication and collaboration are key as always and Incentive has a documented framework to ensure this approach is standard across all of its retail portfolio.
Traditionally, he says, a retail security officer’s main focus was to prevent any theft or damage from taking place. Over the years, however, this role has evolved to put more of an emphasis on keeping staff and customers safe. The pandemic has delivered further changes, not least managing people’s differing views on the restrictions that we will need to enforce within the shopping centres.
“Some people ...

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