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Join your high street neighbours and connect with local people and visitors to your area like never before. The high street isn’t just shopping, it consists of pubs, takeaways, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and other attractions, gyms and services. Collectively, all these businesses bring people to your towns and make up the footfall on our high streets.

If customers are given more reasons to visit their high street, then it is more likely that your business and high street will succeed. OFFiGO has been built to help connect your business, your high street and local customers together. Manage your business pages, adverts and blogs all in one place. Registering an account and creating a business page is FREE. Sign up here.

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Add an image of the front of your shop, bar, restaurant etc., so people can recognise you. Add a description about what your business provides. Include links to websites, apps and social media. Enter your contact number, opening times and your address so it shows on the map.

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first adverts

Add your description and image and create a call to action for your customers. Do you want them to come and visit, or order from your website, or both? OFFiGO enables you to give the customers the choice. Adverts go live once created, so the earlier you add one, the larger the opportunity for customers to see and react to it. Post days, weeks or even months in advance.
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Share the latest deals with friends on social media so they can also see what is available locally. Click on an offer, news article or business page and share it. Help create awareness about your local high street.

Promoting your
high street

If more local businesses promote on OFFiGO, and share what they offer with their customers, then more people will be brought to the high street, as these businesses will collectively be increasing the reasons to visit. Sign up here.

Direct to local customers

Every Friday morning, local people subscribed to OFFiGO get a direct email to their inbox, promoting up to 50 of the most viewed local businesses that week and their current offers. This is a great bonus opportunity to reach new customers.

Write blogs about your buisiness and high street

Businesses can add their own good news stories in the blog section. Bringing together positive news written about the high street, locally and nationally.

Real time stats

View how many times people have seen your business page and adverts, see what adverts are popular, and which ones were not. See how many views and clicks your business page gets when people are looking for your contact number, location or opening times, etc.

Live Support

Whether you're creating your first business page, editing an advert or wanting to write a blog, we are here to help you promote your business and be discovered by new customers. Our live messaging system allows you to contact us directly if you need any assistance. Available 9am-5pm Monday-Friday (excluding Bank holidays).

User guides and tools are also added, to help you promote your business with OFFiGO.

Great value

Promote your offers and events to customers by creating adverts with ease. Simply, the more you promote your business, the more we reward you with cheaper advertising, as well as increasing your chances of more customers too.

Register for a FREE account, then create pay as you go adverts for just £5 a day. Or benefit from our value packages, where you can save up to 80% on your advertising.

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OFFiGO is already promoting 23060 businesses right across the UK in 1698 areas, with brands and independents all joining in with bringing the high street together digitally, so customers can easily find them on their digital devices. Join them today and be discovered locally.

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