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OFFiGO (OFF I GO) has been built to give your business a voice on your high street and to help you tell customers how great you are.

Encourage your business neighbours to join you as collectively you are all promoting reasons to visit your area and increase the footfall. Never before has the opportunity been made available for the whole high street to come together locally to share daily reasons why your business and your high street is worth visiting.

Sign up and get free advertising credits, refer another business and you both get another £25 FREE advertsing credit, it's that simple.


Our message to businesses is simple, people use the internet every day and they make buying decisions based on what they find in that search, If the high street can’t be found it simply paves the way for the online retailer to win every time.

Small businesses cannot be expected to compete with online retailers as they have the money and marketing skills in which to always be more prominent in a search.

OFFiGO will give you a level playing field where consumers can see what is available to them locally, so that includes you if you join us and your business neighbours.


All businesses can create a free profile with the opportunity to share a daily “promotional” message to help keep customers informed, this message could be an exclusive offer or deal for that day or the promotion of an upcoming event, a new announcement, new menus, new products or entertainment. This way, customers can view up to date information and see what is available every day in their local area.

Whether it is a specialist store or service people are looking for or simply deciding where to go for dinner or drinks lets help them find it locally on OFFiGO.


No government or council can order the customer to spend money with you. We have to come together as shop owners, bars and restaurants, hoteliers, hairdressers, taxi drivers, whether you’re a brand or independently owned, we need to shout out each day why consumers should visit.

The talk about reducing business rates and rents and taxing online retailers for a level playing field all have their merits including the provision of more free parking. However it takes time for any change to take place, but something that can be done overnight is bringing the high street together and give the consumers daily reasons to want to shop and spend their money locally.


It’s your high street, the more we shout about it the more people will be encouraged to visit and spend locally. 500,000 shops are estimated to be in the Uk with 50,000 currently closed, we cannot allow that 10% of what’s not available to shout louder than the 90% that is, it doesn’t make sense.

Every time the media reports bad news on the high street it plays into the hands of the online retailer and lowers consumer confidence. Come together and let’s shout louder “We are open come and visit us today” surely 450,000 businesses can shout louder than the 50,000 who no longer even have a voice.


As Churchill once said we will fight them on the beaches, now the fight is on to save the high street and its survival is in your hands, join the fight for your businesses and let battle commence.

Join us and your business neighbours today its FREE to join in.

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  • Create daily offers and events
  • Create news articles
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